Embraced Islam at age 17, now an Arabic language teacher living in Mogadishu, Somalia.

I want to help people، the way I was helped by online Arabic teachers when I started learning Arabic as a 17 year old boy. 

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How I help people

Speak Fluently

Mastering the skill of producing Arabic real time is one which requires practise and good quality direction. 

Understand the Qur'an

The most noble area of Arabic language study and by far the part of my studies that has given me the most. 

Access Islamic texts & literature

Not only the skill of being able to use Arabic, but using it to harvest the wisdom and insight from a whole other world of scripture and literature!

Open the doors to travel & Culture

Having the skills and knowledge to travel to Muslim lands is non-negotiable for a Believer in the modern world. 


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In the media

About Sam.

I wouldn't consider myself a very out-going person. To be honest, the things I love and get the most joy from in life are things like walking down to the beech here in Mogadishu after Salat-ul Fajr and swimming in the sea. Or drinking tea with my wife in the garden as the sun goes down before Maghreb. 

Despite that, you could say I've had quite a full life... By age 29 I had left my seaside home in Cornwall to complete an Arabic language degree in London, lived in Palestine, got married, had 2 children, started multiple businesses, had been hosted on my industry's largest platforms, created over 1,000 languages resources, served thousands of students around the world and then moved to one of the least understood countries on earth... Somalia. Click here to read the full version...


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